Majestic Peaks, Moorlands and Falls.

The Aberdare National Park covers the higher areas of the Aberdare Mountain Range of central Kenya. The topography is diverse with deep ravines that cut through the forested eastern and western slopes. Animals easily observed in the park include; the Black Rhino, Leopard, Baboon, Black and White Colobus Monkey and Sykes Monkey. Rarer sightings include those of Lions, the Golden Cat and the Bongo- an elusive forest antelope that lives in the bamboo forest. Animals like the Eland and Spotted and Melanistic Serval Cats can be found higher up in the moor lands.

Visitors can also indulge in picnics, trout fishing in the rivers and camping in the moorlands. Bird viewing is rewarding, with over 250 species of birds in the Park, including the Jackson’s Francolin, Sparry Hawk, Goshawks, Eagles, Sunbirds and Plovers.