Arusha is the Safari Capital of Northern Tanzania, and the National Park which bears its name is a jewel with many carats which often goes unnoticed for the travellers.

The gate leads the visitor to a forest inhabited by the acrobatic Colobus Monkeys and this is the best place to observe them. In the savanna you can also see big groups of Giraffes which approach and walk in front of the cars fearless. In the heart of the forest stands the spectacular Ngurdoto Crater, whose slopes keep a swampy ground boasting herds of Buffaloes, Zebras and Warthogs. Further north, grassy hills enclose the serene beauty of Momela Lakes, each of them showing a different greenish or bluish colour. Their shallow waters often tinted pink by thousands of Flamingos are home to a great variety of birds and the hairy Waterbucks. Giraffes move in the grassy hills among grazing group of Zebras while couples of Dik Diks go jumping towards the bushes.

Although it is not common to find Elephants in Arusha National Park and there are no Lions, Leopards and Hyenas can be seen at dawn and dusk. It is then when the veil of clouds which is loomed in the east start to unveil and allows visitors to see the majestic snow capped summit of Kilimanjaro, which is 50km away. Although the prevailing peak in the park is Mount Neru (the fifth highest of Africa) which is 4566m. Its peaks give us unmatched views of its famous neighbour and are an interested destination for mountain and hiking lovers.