It is quite possible that for more than half the population of the planet the name Serengeti is as well-known as Paris, Bombay or New York.

It is simply wild and spectacular. It is 13,000 square km in size and has over 2 million wildebeests which gather and breed in its lands, while they roam through the huge plains waiting for the moment to migrate north in search of food. During this migration, Wildebeests alongside with Zebras and Gazelles cross the Grumeti and Mara rivers where Crocodiles will be waiting to have a feast they have been longing for a year.

In the Endless Plain you can find all sort of wild animals, some are quite difficult to find, but others are easy to spot such as Giraffes with their elegant pace, Buffaloes grazing peacefully with Zebras; and Leopards, Cheetahs or Black Mane Lions resting or devouring a prey.

Different landscapes… huge plains…. One needs time to visit Serengeti National Park. Areas like Seronera, Lobo or the magnificent eerie Ndutu are worth visiting to realize the privilege it is to share a visit with such remarkable hosts.