Herds of up to 300 Elephants scrape the dry river bed looking for ground water, while Wildebeests, Zebras, Buffalos, Impalas, Gazelles and Elands gather around the lagoons. It is the biggest concentration of animals outside the Serengeti’s ecosystem and one of the few places in Tanzania where Onyxes and Gerenuks can be seen.

During the rainy season, the animals scatter all over the 20.00km2 of the park until the call of the river brings them back to it. But it is easy to come across herds of Elephants both close to the river as well as far from it. Swamps of a greenish color all year round are home to over 550 bird species. It is the place in the world where more different bird species breed. In dry land ostriches and small groups of Hornbills can be observed. Bird lovers must keep their eyes open to see the strident flocks of yellow breasted parakeets.

Disused termite mounds are home to colonies of friendly Dwarfed Mongooses. Tarangire’s Pythons creep up the trees as do Lions and Leopards in order to relax on their branches.