This Park provides visitors with one of the most impressive and dreamt views of Kenya. Mount Kilimanjaro – 5,985m high- stands over the plains boasting its perpetual snows.

The park was founded in 1974 and is 392 square km, but is surrounded by a much bigger reserve where Massai breed their cattle.
Funnily Kilimanjaro is not in the boundaries of Amboseli, as it belongs to Tanzania. The story goes back to the time when Eastern Africa was divided between the British and the Germans. England owned 2 mountains – Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro – but the Germans had none, so Queen Victoria gave Kilimanjaro to his nephew-grandson Kaiser William 2nd on his birthday.

In any case, you should never miss the opportunity to visit this spectacular National Park, either if you are going through Tsavo to Malindi’s coast or if you are travelling through Tanzania’s parks