Day 1 – Early departure from Nairobi. Breakfast on the road and arrival at the park’s gate. Easy climb as far as Judmaier camp located at 3300 m, in order to get used to the conditions. Dinner and night.

Day 2 – Hiking to Likii North Valley (3,900m), enjoying breathtaking sights of majestic peaks. Landscape is teeming with lobelias.

Day 3 – On this day we will be reaching Mackinder’s valley, located at 4,300 m. We will be camping under the huge Batian and Lenana peaks. Dinner and night.

Day 4 – At dawn we will try to reach Lenan peak (4985 m) to see the sun rise. A 4- hour climb. On a clear day it is possible to see the Kilimanjaro. Descent towards Teleki Valley on the side opposite the highest peaks, we will reach Mackinder’s camp where we will dine and spend the night.

Day 5 – We will go on descending through bamboo forest as far as Met Station at 3048m. Then we will go to our lodges. Next morning we will either return to Nairobi or continue with our safari.