Yesterday we met for the first time to talk about our next Safari. In this occasion we are going to travel with our friends Arantza y Joxe. Even if the tour was originally planned for last year, it is now that their dream will come true. In three months time they will be able to experience for the first time with us, our dearest places.

Although it´s not the first time that we prepare a tour, it is our first time one in which we are going to be only four people traveling together. Besides, this time Patxi and me are going to be organizing the tour. We must say that as Arantza and
José´s expectations and hopes increased, so did ours.

While we were unfolding the maps of Kenya and Tanzania to explain to them the trip, these dear images came back to my mind: The friends we´ll see and hug again, the children´s smiles, the look of the lions, the puppy´s games, the herds of Elephants, Wildebeests, Zebras, Gazelles and Buffalos, and my precious Cheetahs and Leopards.

When we finished our evening gathering, something had changed for the four of us, and the days that still remain, won´t be the same.

We will enjoy these previous days, because they are also part of our Safari!