I’d heard people talking about it and even in some occasion I’d watched some scenes on documentaries, but I thought it was almost impossible to see it in a Safari. However, Nature was going to give us another incredible moment.

We were walking in Serengeti looking for animals, when we saw something moving among the grass close to a lonely acacia, in the middle of the plain. Then, we got closer to it and found a herd of lions sharing their food. The scene was quite amazing, because apart from them, there wasn’t another animal as far as our eyes could see in the distance. If they hadn’t moved, we would have never had the chance to live what it was going to be an unique experience.

We were observing them for a few minutes. When we were ready to go, something caught our attention: A lioness appeared behind the acacia, looked at us, stopped and jumped up two meters high to the trunk. Immediately she made herself comfortable in the shade, to rest enjoying the breeze.

At that moment, we were speechless! It was then that the legend had became real in front of us. Lions do actually jumped up to trees. It wouldn’t be the last occasion. Later we had another opportunity to contemplate and live an even more incredible experience.