When you plan your Safari, some personal events (birthdays, wedding anniversary …) may coincide during the trip. Sometimes we even share other travellers´s celebrations over the dinners in the hotels. These are special moments that for a few instants allow us to get close to other people, wherever they come from, and always,with the help and care by the hotels´staff.

I have enjoyed several personal celebrations and fellow travelers´ones, but this one I am going to tell you about was a special one, as it was our friend´s birthday (Raymond our guide). By chance we were in Serengeti when the day of his birthday came and we decided to give him a surprise dinner; so we got dressed up for the occasion without telling him or to Swai (his father and our driver) anything. We finally shared a fantastic night, even the waiters of the hotel wanted to join us when they saw us!

It was a big surprise for Ray, he was really moved when he saw his Birthday Cake and we all enjoyed a magical moment. This is the kind of moments that approach us to the people we love and let us enjoy together.

Ray, as this year we won´t probably be with you to celebrate your Birthday, at least we´ll be able to remember, by looking at these pictures, the special dinner we spent together.

Happy Birthday and a big hug from we two!!!